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"Steel plant" project

     The former "Copper Wire" is now a project dealing with recycling, processing and processing of metals. But the main activity on this project is the production of metal structures and constructions for the structure of buildings. 

     Namely, on this project, metal structures are brought and processed and processed according to the latest standards for metal processing. 

     When it arrives, the metal is first tested and graded, after which it undergoes basic processing. After basic processing comes secondary and tertiary advanced processing. The metal itself must undergo rigorous testing to ensure the safety of the structure. Construction architecture is something in which we lead the way and we must do our best so that constructions made of that metal can be applied wherever these constructions are necessary.

     In this way, we enable metal to be preserved, professionally processed locally and reconstructed according to world standards, without the risk of unsafe construction and without harming the healthy environment.


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