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"Majdanpek open pit" and "Majdanpek construction and instalation"

     In Majdanpek, with these projects, we restored the old craft of the people of Majdanpek and brought back the golden light of the mine. Projects that have reactivated great stability and opened up many opportunities for all of Mayanpec and the surrounding area.


     Majdanpek is full of natural resources, and our team is active in maintaining and preserving them. Today, the projects in Maidanpek are already working at full speed and producing excellent results. We secured the structures with additional protection against vibrations and earthquakes in order to preserve the health of our workers and residents in the area of the facility.

     These projects bring a large production but are not completed. Our projects are opening and expanding, so we need a lot of workers in Majdanpek to help us achieve our company's goals. If you want to join us, follow the company's website and social networks and log in at the appropriate address. We always want to help the local population and give priority to our citizens.

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