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Project "VK" and "VK open Pit"

   Near the village of Veliki Krivelj, there are projects that are of great importance to our mine. Namely, this project was completed as a complete stand-alone facility containing facilities and elements of the most modern world standards.

     In addition to the preserved environment that we are always proud of, here we have built facilities for independent power supply, facilities that contain incomparably the best machines for crushing and transporting ore, conveyor belts and machines that allow everything to be in accordance with regulations every day.


     The project department constantly takes care of maintaining the quality of work and our offices are provided for quick local action, so there are no delays in both the production and the administrative part of this project.

     This project is not independent, but, like many others, is shared in partnership with our sister companies, one of which is Jiuzhou International Construction, which is the closest to us regarding this project and similar projects. With joint forces, we are maximally professional in our work and achieve enviable results day after day. 

     What the project additionally made possible was the employment of workers from the countryside of Veliki Krivelj as well as local villages, which additionally enabled and facilitated our workers to work locally and efficiently, so that after working hours they would have more time for their family, which is important to them. this way, much closer.

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