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Building green

     A healthy environment is essential for future generations. We must preserve the environment and preserve the planet, we must make our contribution and maximally help the recovery of nature and the regeneration of the living world. That's why we do our best to preserve what we have and help make our future healthy.

Preserving what we have

     In addition to preserving the environment that is already around us, we try to recycle wherever we can. In addition to recycled material, machines that minimally pollute the air, we also use pools for recycling water and capturing natural precipitation. In order to preserve healthy drinking water, we use waste water and filter it with special pumps, so that water that is already contaminated can be reused for processing. An industry like the one in Bor requires a lot of water, that's why we don't allow to pollute and destroy the drinking water we have. On the other hand, we try to use machines with electric motors, and for our vehicles, we do not use conventional fuel engines, but hybrid engines and electric vehicles, wherever and whenever possible.


Helping by growing

     The most important contribution is not only in recycling, but also in the creation of new greenery. Our mission is to bring healthy greenery to every project, thereby creating a healthy environment for everyone. We try to leave a green footprint on each of our projects, and as the projects grow, we try to make our green footprint bigger as well. Jinshan Construction plants many new trees every year and creates new parks and green places for recreation. Even though the environment is mostly industrial, we try to keep the environment clean and natural so that everyone can breathe fully. Also, we must emphasize that we particularly enjoy the splendor of the flowers that we regularly plant.

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