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Jinshan Bor, projekat Rakita

Awards and Achievements

          During many years of work in the city and its surroundings, we have gained many experiences and new knowledge. Although we have built and grown together with the environment, we can proudly say that we have also grown in the eyes of others. 


          Jinshan Construction DOO Bor, over the years, has acquired numerous recognitions, awards and certificates that additionally give us the wind at our backs, and make us extremely motivated to continue on the path we have set out on.


          Namely, since our foundation in Bor, until today, our successes are growing, our awards are more numerous and our projects are growing and progressing. These are just some of the recognitions we have received...

Firma od Poverenja, Jinshan Bor

Trusted company

     Jinshan is always mentioned in a good light and with words of praise among her clients. According to the letters of thanks and shared experiences of our clients, Jinshan Construction DOO Bor receives the award for a trustworthy company. The charter is awarded to companies that provide their clients with exceptional service and good business, and those companies themselves praise and rate the best collaborator. That's how we got this recognition in 2021, which gives us even more wind at our backs and helps us to continue with even better effort and work.

Gratitude from the Police Department

     For the always enviable cooperation and mutual respect, the police department in Bor awards the company Jinshan Construction with a certificate of appreciation. Our company has helped the police department in many ways and proved its reliability. Cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs is something we are proud of and highlight as an important factor in further business. By helping local government, we help our environment and build a better tomorrow.

Zahvalnica MUP, Jinshan Bor
Zahvalnica Majdanpek, Jinshan Bor

Gratitude from the Medical Center

    Medical center Dr. Veroljub Cakić awarded our company a certificate of appreciation for its exceptional contribution and assistance to Majdanpeč healthcare. Our company has helped in many aspects of health care and health education both in Bor and in the region, as shown by this thank you note from Majdnpek medical center. We do our best to maintain a healthy environment through prevention and education. By helping our health, we make life easier for the whole environment.

Award for the special managment team

     Our parent structure recognizes our outstanding work and recognizes the healthy and productive management that produces good results, and for that reason issues the award for the outstanding management team within Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. Our management team always takes care of quality business and its employees. Years later, we continue to live up to the trust placed in us, and we still maintain a high standard of exceptional business and quality leadership.

NAGRADA, Jinshan Bor
Fusion Welding, Jinshan Bor
Factory Production Control, Jinshan Bor

Numerous certificates

     Our company has the technology for many activities and methods of production, which we have justly proven. Therefore, we have been awarded many certificates that confirm our capabilities and our work in various spheres of business. Like our sister companies, we try to justify trust as much as possible and always raise expertise and technology to a higher level. We progress together with the environment we build. 

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