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Jinshan Bor

Building safe

     The safety and health of our workers is always in the first place. We must take care of safety in every phase of our work. The focus is always on education and training of workers for safe execution of works. It is important to work safely with adequate equipment, adequate use of equipment and high vigilance at the workplace. Safety is a big factor, that's why we have specially trained people who take care of the safety of others. Because at the end of the day, after hard work, it is important that the worker returns home healthy.

Jinshan Bor

Team work

     Working in groups requires extra caution. We take care of ourselves, but we also take care of our associates. If we are vigilant together, it is easier to take care of several factors at the same time. That's why at Jinshan we strive to be the best team players.

Jinshan Bor

Good protection

     It is important to protect yourself and others. By using modern materials and regularly checking the uniform, our workers are always safe and work confidently. Some jobs require individual work and then protective equipment is our best friend. 

Jinshan Bor

Great technology

     We have to provide our workers with adequate tools for work, and for good and safe work, technology is always advancing. Our company is always in step with the times and provides modern tools for work. Reliable technology is the key to sure success!

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