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Project "Rakita"

     The project is located in the area around the Bor airport. In addition to the great progress in the suburbs of Bor, this project has made the most progress over the years. New ideas are constantly being built on the Rakita project and a healthier industrial environment is being created. 

     Of course, we protect the environment in the first place, and just by visiting this project, you can see our parks and greenery that we have implemented to contribute to the main idea of building green mines.

     In addition to the economic zone, there are also residential and industrial zones. We have built many facilities, over 30 of which became active only in the second half of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

We give priority to safe but also fast construction, thanks to our engineers who are improving themselves day by day, we are making progress in the sphere of using safe materials. Thanks to new practical planning, we reach new standards and equip every facility with modern technology to maintain safety.

     We build infrastructure and maintain safety, but also mother nature. This project of ours is surrounded by greenery and uses measures to clean and preserve the environment. Of course, not all buildings are finished and we still have so many ideas that need to be implemented. Because always, let's move forward!

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