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Rakita project Jinshan Koncetrator Concentrator

About us in a few words

          We established a representative office in Bor on June 24, 2019, and that's when we saw the future of the city. As a daughter company, one of the most powerful mining groups in the world, we have started to develop and keep up with the times. Technologically, ecologically, but also traditionally. Building a mining company is no easy task, but here at Jinshan, we have dedicated our lives to building a safer and more efficient future. We would like to share with you our latest projects and what we are capable of.


          Zijin Mining Group has mines and representative offices all over the world, so we are walking together with the group. We have built a lot and we are still building.


          We don't want to brag, but if you work for a mining company or a mining-related company and you see a new office building that looks safe and beautiful, yes, we probably built it. We are here to build dreams and turn ideas into reality. Our projects always comply with the highest and latest architectural standards, our people always use the most modern equipment and build environmentally friendly, safe and efficient structures, which will last for many generations to come. Here at Jinshan, we care about your future, what's next, and how to make your life easier and more productive.

          We don't just build buildings, we build the future for our children, for the city and everyone in it. Well, we would like you to join us in our endeavor and together we can build a secure future for generations to come...

Jinshan Bor
Teleskopski utovarivac Jinshan
Jinshan Rakita Bor
Pasta Zasip Bor
Jinshan Bor
Jinshan Bor
Jinshan Bor
Jinshan Bor
Jinshan Bor


030/ 215 - 0019


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