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Project "Bor"

     Project under construction in the area of the Bor smelter. The development of the smelter is very important for a healthier tomorrow and the health of our children. We help raise environmental awareness and use modern materials so that everything we build is at the level of global environmental standards. We also support advocacy for the filtration and recycling of all waste water and materials used or produced.

     This project is important because it is the closest to us, and therefore the closest to the citizens. He helps to develop the future in Bor and bring the entire metal processing to a higher level, which is productive and at the same time healthy. In addition to the new power plant, there are many main and auxiliary facilities that we have built, including key structures that hold the equipment necessary to purify and recycle materials.

      There are also pools for water recycling and secured buildings of older construction that we remodeled and restructured so that the work of all employees was flawless and, above all, safe.

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