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Robot, Jinshan Bor
Jinshan Bor
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Building the future

     Technology is constantly advancing, and with it come new opportunities for us and our young people. We constantly improve our way of working and constantly raise awareness of advanced technologies, both at work and in everyday life. We are making progress in the field of automation and programmed intelligence, in order to make work on projects as easy as possible. 

      Human education is important, we learn together and progress together. We give importance to technological advancement and learn new technologies day by day. We bring new working machines and new working principles to the business to speed up, facilitate and ensure a better future.

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Progress through the years




We are introducing an infographic system for material classification, video consultations and remote response. Our workers get answers faster and material classification has never been safer and easier.

We get to know new materials and new methods of production. We are starting with education for robotic machines as well as working with them. We are starting work with drones and photosensitive sensors to facilitate the work and see the bigger picture of what we do.

We are moving towards a safer future with new software. We are developing technological sectors and making progress in educating workers and citizens about the importance of our work, as well as educating children.

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